This and That in Westfield on the Weekend

On Saturday I drove along South Avenue and saw busy construction activity going on at the site of future "Gaucho's BBQ and Grill". I blogged about this new place a while ago. So I used the opportunity, stopped my car and went in to see if there is somebody I could chat with. And I guess I found Gaucho (if this is his real name). What I learned is that Gaucho's is planning to open end of the month of June. It will clearly be Brazilian style cusine with a sit-down type environment, not just a take out, nice atmosphere and service.
The owner knew about Samba Grill failing on the other side of Westfield. He feels he has a better concept. I wish him all the best and we will certainly be at the grand opening and blog about it.
For the other new place on South Avenue, Mario's Italian Deli, nothing seems to happen anymore. After I saw people there several times engaged in construction work, it got quiet again during the last few weeks. (See earlier blog for more details). I'm still waiting for a good authentic Italian deli.
Right next door across the street at Tutti Baci some good things are happening. They put some table and chairs out on the sidewalk for their customers to enjoy the currently pretty nice weather. If you read my blog for a while, you know about my obsession with outside seating, so this is certainly appreciated. I guess this might also be a reaction to Bovella's having chairs and tables on the side walk now.

Finally, on the North Side of town, Northeast to be precise, Annie's Gourmet Kitchen has opened. That also was in the making for a while. From some earlier information I was pretty confused about their business model, but the current version of the web site is a bit more explicit and I think I get a better feeling for what they are trying to do. The idea is to take the hassle out of preparing meals, like shopping for the ingredients and preparing them including the mess that comes with it. So you assemble the ingredients (that they provide) at their place, put them in convenient containers and then you only have to finalize the dish at home. So it is home cooking with less effort.
Actually not a bad idea and Westfield is probably a good town to create some demand for this. We will sign up, test it an report back.

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