Saturday Morning - YMCA and Croissants

On Saturday I usually get up quite early (like at 5:45 AM) to go to the YMCA for an early while it still fairly quiet there. So I usually arrive there by 6:15 and I'm done with my routine (cardio and weight training) around 7:50.

This is good timing, as at 8:00 AM Bovella's Pastry Shop in Westfield opens. Now, I'm not actually such a big fan of sweet pastry items. But we both love Croissants. A well-made fresh, still warm, buttery croissant with cup of really good coffee is one of the great things in life. So when we moved to Westfield about 6 years ago the one of the first things we checked out was the bakeries and grocery stores to see if anybody had good croissants (which unfortunately typically are not easy to come by in America). You can imagine how glad we were when we found a good and pretty authentic interpretation of "The Croissant" at Bovella's, an reasonably priced, too.

Since then I go there on a regular basis Saturday or Sunday in the morning to satisfy my craving. Sometimes, when I arrive there at 8:15 shortly after they open at 8:00 they are already out of them. I guess there must be a few other croissant connoisseurs in Westfield.

Anyhow, Bovella's just recently remodeled there store and I had been there since. I was concerned that with the new management they might have also changed their portfolio of products and in particular was hoping that they hadn't made any changes to the croissants. So when I went there in the morning I was actually a bit excited, but I can report things didn't change the croissants are still great. I got 8 of them, still warm fresh from the oven. Mmh.

Isn't that a great start into the weekend?

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Anonymous said...

I fully agree with what you write about Bovella. Their Croissants are superb, if you can get them. I like all their pastry and cakes and after the remodelling they seem to be even better.

Gregory D.