The Westfield Diner - A Brief Review

This is part two of my entry for Monday 2007-04-16.

While I was at the Library for "Great Decisions - Mexico", my wife went to the movies with a friend and unfortunately here, the starter of our car died. So I had to pick them up a little later that night and as we were all pretty hungry, we were looking for a place to eat late in Westfield. The Westfield Diner came to mind.

I had been thereon weekend for breakfast 6 years ago shortly after we moved to Westfield and somehow never returned to it thereafter. This was not because I didn't like it or anything was bad, it just never happened and if you don't go to a particular restaurant once in a while it is almost like it doesn't exist for you. I guess my point is, at the time the Westfield Diner offered normal diner food with effective service, but nothing too special, nothing that compelled me to come back.

Anyhow, yesterday night we had a good reason to come back. We were hungry and it is was the only place in town that was open. And I'm glad we had that opportunity. The food was actually pretty good (for a diner, I'm not comparing it to the Stagehouse in Scotch Plains), the service was not only effective but also friendly and attentive. The Greek specialities are actually pretty appealing and you get good portions for dinner with soup, salad and desert. And there were a few guests: I really don't like to be the only party in a restaurant. I guess there are quite a few reason to come back for a casual dinner soon, especially when it is later at night.

My next reason to go there will be the pasta night they have on Wednesday where they have a good selection of pasta specialities that are not on the menu during the rest of the week.

Again, if you look for good diner food later in the evening (till midnight during the week, till 1:00 AM during the weekend) check out the Westfield Diner.

Maybe, I need recheck the other Diner in Westfield, too.

Signing off - The Westfield blogger.

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