Leaving Westfield - Leaving NJ

Sorry for the long hiatus. Lot's of people did complain about a lack of new posts over the last few months. And, no - I didn't ignore all the e-mails, we are just going through a few changes in our life that had a higher priority.

I'm actually changing jobs. I will start to work for a new company as of next week and we will be leaving NJ towards California. Today was my last day at my current company. After having worked there for 11 years, leaving is quite emotional. There is certainly a big sense of loyalty and gratefulness. But then there are new challenges on the horizon.

I will probably come to NJ once in a while but my opportunities to participate in this community and to write about it will be limited. If at all, there will be only a few more posts. I will decide in a few months, what I will be doing with the "Westfield Blog". If somebody is interested in taking it over, let me know.

I will certainly retain my e-mail address (westfieldblog@gmail.com) so feel free to stay in touch as before.

We enjoyed our seven years in Westfield quite a bit. You feel privileged having a chance to live here. We both think this is a very special please. Having made a lot of friends we really feel sad leaving.

Good luck to all of my readers, continue to enjoy Westfield, eat good food, drink good wine, listen to good music and enjoy the arts.

Signing Off

The Westfield Blogger

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