Brunch at A Toute Heure

A Toute Heure - a small French Restaurant with superb food and outstanding service in Cranfords up and coming Centennial Village as been reviewed here before, however that was dinner, a pretty excellent dinner to be specific.

Recently we learned that they have now added a Sunday Brunch and as this was our last weekend in Westfield we took the opportunity to check it out. To summarize: This is how you want to start your Sunday. (I like to start my Sunday late...;-)).

The menu is a well balanced but innovative combination between traditional breakfast recipes and ingredients (predominantly egg, bread and "breakfast meats") and elements nouveau cuisine. I'm tempted to call this "french breakfast fusion".

Good food starts with great ingredients. So the bread, meats and the eggs are high quality sourced from local farms and shops. The preparation is excellent and the food is stylishly decorated on the plate. A party of three we had the Fritata, the Croque Madam and the Chili (Yes, this chili goes quite well with breakfast).

All three dished didn't not just look mouthwatering but had their own interesting and refined flavor profile. They give you what you expect from breakfast but go significantly beyond.

In addition to the food, there is fresh OJ, real good coffee, an interesting variety of teas and other breakfast drinks. And the coffe cup is always refilled fast by the attentive service.

When we were there, the sun came out and lit up the room nicely. Together with the smells of fresh coffee, bacon and other breakfast dishes, this creates a really pleasant Sunday morning atmosphere that invites you to hang out for a while.

This was a great start for our last Sunday in NJ.

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