My Traditional Saturday Pattern

It feels a bit unusal to write this blog so early in the day. Usually, I blog shortly before I finish the day and go to bed. As we have some friends over in about an hour and the night may turn out to be a bit longer, I decided to blog before our friends show up.

This was a pretty typical Saturday. Fitness at the Y. I changed my routine recently and am now training some muscles that were a bit neglected before and I can really feel the pain of my sore muscles but I can also see how amazingly fast the human body reacts to a new stimulus. When you only do it properly and with discipline building muscle is actually not that difficult.

After the Y, I picked up a few croissants from Bovella's. And yes, I'm in luck. They still have some (which is not always the case, even 5 minutes after they open at 8:00 AM) and I get them warm and fresh right out of the oven. What a treat to start the weekend. My wife is still sleepy in bed when I come home. She likes to wake up with the smell of a fresh buttery croissant under her nose and a cup of herbal tea.

Later in the morning I drive over to Scotch Plains for Piano Lessons. More on that in later blog posting.

And then the the rest of the day will be spent on preparing for our little party tonight. We often invite friends over for an (educational) wine tasting. During the course of the evening we open several bottles of wine blind (i.e. wrapped in brown paper). And then we do a tasting. Look, Smell, Taste. With the objective to not only get the color right (;-)) but also country and varietal. Amazingly, if you experiment a bit and train your sense, getting the grape varietal and often even the country right is not actually that difficult.

OK, more work to do.

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