Sunday Workout, a Breakfast Burrito and an Afternoon Nap

If I don’t get to workout for a while I really get antsy and irritated. So not having done my workout on Saturday, I was anxious to get to the Y on Sunday morning. I got out of the house early and arrived at the Y shortly after 7:00 AM when they had just opened. And this is actually a good time for a workout at the Y because it is fairly quiet. There are few people so you don’t feel alone and out of place, but only a few, so you don’t have to wait for a particular machine.

With my wife being away on a trip to Europe, I’m not in the mood for cooking and having breakfast by myself at home. So, I decided to go to another Diner type restaurant that I like. The Rise & Shine in Scotch Plains. Unfortunately, I was not the only one with that idea. The parking lot was completely packed and people were waiting in a line at the entrance and outside.

OK, time for plan B. A review of Rise & Shine will follow at a later time. Plan B is Queen City Diner. Yes, I just had dinner there on Friday. But that was different, it was dinner. And I also really like the breakfast at Queen City.

I arrived there at about 9:00 AM and it is amazingly quiet (for a Sunday morning). I can select my own nice booth at the window. The service is extremely fast and friendly. I get coffee (they have new mugs with Queen City branding) and an OJ. Unfortunately the OJ is not fresh squeezed. Fresh squeezed OJ is one of the great things in life and if I ever had to list the criteria for the perfect breakfast restaurant, offering fresh squeezed OJ would be one of it. (I think I need to talk to the owner of Queen City and convince him that we needs to add fresh OJ to the menu).

For breakfast I have the sausage breakfast burrito. For $5.95 you get a decent sized burrito filled with a combination of scramble egg, cheese, sausage, potatoes and tomato salsa. I’m not sure what other spices and ingredients the chef puts into it. The taste is really amazing. Somehow, they manage to make this a really tasty breakfast experience. All the ingredients nicely combine to something that is more than the sum of its parts. I had breakfast burritos at the Queen City Diner before and they were always amazing. As a side you get home fries. I have to admit I had better home fries before, but they are certainly not bad and actually above average. But there is some room for improvement, you could spice them up and make them a bit crisper.

When I leave the Queen City Diner is also pretty packed. I guess the crowds come here a little bit later on a Sunday.

The rest of the day I spend doing all kind of jobs around the house, to make everything look nice, clean and fixed up when my wife comes back. Next week is going to be quite busy and stressful at work so I take an afternoon nap to proactively relax. I haven’t done this in a while and I seemingly forgot how good this actually feels. Just a 30 minute nap in the afternoon and you feel so refreshed and your outlook life gets so much more positive and optimistic. Your thoughts are focused. Most of you know this feeling of anticipation and excitement when you wake in the morning to a beautiful day with all the possibilities and opportunities in front you. It’s a great feeling and you can almost recreate that same feeling (maybe with a slightly reduced intensity) by taking a nap in the afternoon and awake refreshed and ready to take on the second half the day and potentially an interesting evening and night.

Signing Off – The Westfield Blogger

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Anonymous said...

What is it with the Queen City? I guess the Diner calls itself "Queen City Dinner" because of Plainfield's claim to be the "Queen City". Does anybody know what that is? I live in Scotch Plains for a while but nobody could ever give me an answer so far.

Dave from Scotch Plains