Our Friends from Germany Explore Westfield

As mentioned in the previous post, some really good friends from Germany are on vacation in Manhattan. After we had told them a lot about the nice town we live in, they became very curious and so this evening they took a NJ Transit train and made their way to Westfield.

After giving them a tour of our house we did something rather typical for Germans. We WALKED from our house into the downtown area for dinner. We really wanted to sit outside at one of the places in Elm Street to enjoy the flair and the warm spring weather. Unfortunately, it was still a bit chilly and windy so we decided to sit inside at Mojave Grill.

The concept of BYOB was totally foreign to our friends (in Germany selling beer and wine in a restaurant or supermarket is not a big deal) but after we explained it to them they clearly realized the advantage. You either save money on the same bottle of wine or you can get a much better wine for the same price if you don't have to pay the restaurant mark up.

Mojave Grill is old favorite of ours almost since we moved to Westfield and has so far not disappointed us. We go there on average once a months and as they change the menu on a regular basis it is not getting boring (,yet). This evening it was fairly quiet in the restaurant. The service was as usual fast, effective, friendly and very professional. We ordered a quesadilla as an appetizer to share. Very tasty, exactly the right texture. Then we had salads and main entrees. We really like the concept of Tex-Mex fusion that Mojave Grill is pushing to the edge. It allows for a huge variety, innovative creations and often unusually but exciting new combinations of known flavors that one would have not expected would be good fit. Finally, the corn bread you get with dinner alone is worth a visit. Quality and display of the food was excellent. For what you get the prices are actually quite reasonable.

After a very satisfying dinner we walked around in down town a little more and then circled around the lake in Mindowaskin Park. It was a beautiful early spring evening. Our friends really enjoyed Westfield and were quite impressed. That was not what they had expected from New Jersey.

At the end of the day we went back to our house, had another glass of Wine and finally our friends took the bus back to Manhattan. The is another good thing. Pretty close to our house is bus stop that gets you straight to Midtown Manhattan without transfer.

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