Saturday - Busy in Westfield and Around (Part 1)

My usual Saturday routine: Early Morning Fitness at the Westfield YMCA (a.k.a "The Y"). I typically arrive there at 6:30 AM and do some Cardio and Weight Training till about 8:00. I'm really glad that they open that early even on a Saturday. Even among the commercial fitness clubs, everyone does that. At this time of the day both the Cardio section and the weight machines are still not very busy and you don't have to wait at all if you are a bit flexible with your program. Also, I ran into a friend from Australia who is also living in Westfield.

After the Y, I felt like having a good sit-down restaurant type breakfast and because the weather was really great (this feeling of spring, renewal and anticipation), I wanted to sit outside. Now, this is one of the few areas where Westfield actually does have gap. There are no restaurant type breakfast places where you can eat outside ON THE WEEKEND. During the week the only choice is Rockn' Joe, which opens at 8:30. On Saturday they open at 11:00. Too late for me, it is just about 7:55 AM.

What is left in Westfield for an early weekend outside breakfast are: Panera, Cosi and Manhattan Bagel. All three are pretty good but not sit down style restaurant breakfast. At one point later I will review all three of them, or maybe I write a feature about "Weekend Breakfast in Westfield".

So originally, I thought I was out of luck, but then I remembered that the Rockn' Joe in Cranford (i.e. the original Rockn' Joe, formerly know as Cafe Rock) actually opens earlier, i.e. at 8:00 AM. Don't ask me why there is a difference between Westfield and Cranford. 10 minutes later in Cranford I had a very nice table partially in the sun at Rockn' Joe in Cranford. Service was very friendly and prompt, there actually wasn't much business at the time. I ordered the Rockn' Joe Breakfast Sandwich special (including mozzarella and red peppers). Very tasty, well prepared and nice display. The portions are typically not that big at Rockn' Joe (which I like) and things are done in a way that is a bit more healthy. If you are in the mood for great coffee, a hearty but healthy breakfast and want to enjoy outside spring feeling, Rockn' Joe in Cranford is a really great choice.

And then again, while eating another friend walks by and we chat a bit about this and that. I reflect a bit on the fact that it is not even 9:00 AM and I already met two friends on the street. One of the things I really enjoy about Westfield is the fact that there is a tight-knit community. And it is not difficult to become part of that community. So if you just engage yourself a little bit with the local clubs, etc. after a while you get to know tons of people. So almost every time I go in to Westfield, I run into somebody that I know.

This is an early post. I have a few more things to do today. I may get around to do another post later today.

Signing Off - The Westfield Blogger


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right. I don't get it why Rock And Joe in Westfield doesn't open for breakfast early on the weekend. That is when most people have time for an extended breakfast.

zigory said...

I live in Garwood and have not been to Rock N Joe in Westfield yet, only the one in Cranford. I'm thinking of having informal meetings somewhere. Is Rock N Joe too loud to have meetings and conversations with a group? Email me at zigory@comcast.net.